The results of "Chopin in the twenty-first century” Multimedia Contest 

In the television programs category
The 1st award

 Robert Kamyk  and  TVP Kultura team
For a widespread promotion of the person and music of our genius Pole, and especially for the complete and highly interesting TV and internet report of the XVI Chopin Piano Contest In the Chopin Year 2010.
The 2nd award
The authors of „Chopin 2010”  TV series
for the popularizing, innovative, and intelligible, especially for the younger generation, format of the events of the Chopin Year

In the multimedia publications category
The 1st award
ed Jacek Hawryluk with his team
For a multimedia publication entitled „Chopin”, which appeared as a part of Gazeta Wyborcza Library. It enabled to provide the general public albums with the best performances of all the works of Chopin, supplemented by a beautiful iconography with texts about the Composer’s life and creativity.

The 2nd award
The „Chopin” collection by „Rzeczpospolita” and Wydawnictwo Narodowe
for providing its readers with an evaluation of Chopin’s output, supplemented by theme  recordings, and for showing the facts of the rich, but short life of the Composer

In the films and video recording category
The 1st award
professor Piotr Gach (USA)
For the record of a concert combining music with a lecture entitled "The secrets of Chopin "
The 2nd award ex equo
Bogna Lewtak-Baczyńska
for initiating, participating by singing and making the registration of artistic events of the Chopin Year, such as  "Chopin's Letter, " "Love for Chopin - the film images Triptych"
Dagny Baczyńska – Kissas
For the recordings of Chopin’s recitals, related to the Chopin’s Year and Ballet Etudes for
the Polonaise in B flat by Chopin
The 3rd award ex equo
- Anna Osławska
for directing a theatrical performance "The song of life and death of Frederic Chopin " by Roman Brandstaetter

- fr. Marian Szablewski (Australia)
for showing the last moments of Chopin's life and his return to God in the film "From despair to hope"

In the radio programs category
The 1st award
- Czesława Borowik
for two radio documentaries "On the way to Poturzyn"and "Deklasacja"

In the multimedia presentations category
The 1st award

- Wioletta  Pilorz z Żyrardowa
for "The Land of Polonaises – Chopin’s Poland" presentation
The 2nd award
- Sylwester Jesionkiewicz  
for a series of presentations, "Autumn and Winter with the music of Chopin", "Music of the manor in the Mazowsze landscape"
The 3rd award
- Patryk Dublinowski from Białogard
for „Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin” multimedia presentation

for searching  for multimedial forms to celebrate the Chopin’s Year
- Monika Milczarek-Grzanka i Mariola Żabińska
from Włocławek
for "Sentimental journey Kujawy, the region close to Chopin’s heart”,  the film In which youth participated
- Wanda Milewska from Gorzów Wielkopolski
for providing local news about Chopin on the Internet
- Alicja Lampa for „Collage" and " The Colours of Sound "
- Lidia Michalak  from Żelechów for „Fryderyk Chopin – Inspirations” presentation
- Filip Ignatowicz z Gdańska for Works  – " Etudes revolution ", "To Freedom", "En Trois Qutres, " "Desire 1 ", "Desire 2 ", "I’m all ears – let’s go, nobody calls”.

- Krzysztof Jagiełło from Wrocław for the work „ Monilith – 3D Funeral march animation”
- Marta Ewa Wróblewska from Warsaw
 for the  "Chopin Airport - port of happy returns " poster - photography

- Arleta Borek from Gorzów Wielkopolski -  Chopin on Woodstock
- Karolina Jaśnia and Jan Skarbek-Kazanowski   Chopin  Prelude no. 4

Special Awards from the "Chopin in the XXI Century " Multimedia Contest Organizing Committee

Medals for particular achievements in the field of promotion of Chopin's music in the world
and active participation in the work of the Program Council of Competition:

- Małgorzata Jedynak Pietkiewicz  -the president of the Program Council,  
director of several films and TV programs about Chopin Piano Contest.
- Antoni Wit –
the CEO of the National Philharmonic
 - Zofia Dziewanowska from San Diego (USA)
 - Jerzy Barankiewicz
from Cincinnati (USA)
- Martin Kunert 
for the report on Chopin’s Marathon in San Diego (USA)

The symbolic prizes are founded by :
 the Governor of Mazowsze, Antoni Wit – the director National Philharmonic, the Governor of Sochaczew, Mazowsze Chopina Society, the Organizers of the Contest:  Polska-Europa-Polonia Foundation
and Niepokalanów Festival Organizing Committee

/-/  Zygmunt Gutowski
president of the Foundation Polska-Europa-Polonia
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
“Chopin in the 21st Centur”y Multimedia Contest